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When we say we want a welcoming room so we refer to a room, where we can feel completely at ease, where just by entering it, you want to stay and not want to leave the place which is the perfect place. This room, you may find peaceful and quiet, if it is welcoming. Yes, exactly, this is how it should feel inside your room. So, when you want your room to be welcoming, there are several things you should consider.

All aspects of the decor influence from the furniture, colors and materials of the walls, floor lamps and another lighting itself. Each item you place inside your room, you must choose wisely. Avoid furniture with very straight shapes, and colors which are extremely wilt or white or fluorescent lights that prevent you create harmonious space, you are looking for. Follow these tips and enjoy your welcoming space.

1. Choose the right color for wallpaper:


When you want room should be welcoming, the first thing is to get the right colored wallpaper. You should ensure that the walls have light colors, creams or soil wallpapers. You can also get it painted and get a warm color like orange or yellow, but always towards pastel shades. This does not mean you can not include strong or vibrant colors, you can do it is to place pictures on the walls that are striking and stand out in space. You may also rely on the ornaments and place them on the walls of the room.


2. Pay attention to lighting:


As in all aspects of the decor, lighting also plays an important role. To make a room feel welcoming, for example, opt for lights that radiate yellow light, this will create a comforting atmosphere. If you like a contemporary style, you can use lights or colored lights are dim, but not very striking. Candles are also an excellent option to transform spaces and make them welcoming.

3. Flooring:


If you want a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the best option for your floor is vinyl flooring. Besides being one of the materials most used par excellence, because of its durability and strength, this makes more welcoming. You can complete the stay, placing different carpets in the room.

4. Windows:


To have a welcoming atmosphere, it is always necessary that we in some way or another get in contact with nature. Windows are thus necessary. These will rely heavily on the distribution and location of your room. If you live on a high floor, you can choose the style of windows that open to inside the room; these provide a classic colonial and air.

5. Decorate with natural fabrics:


To make welcoming and striking rooms, choose to use preferences such as natural fabrics, like cotton. Avoid synthetic or rustic fabrics that are uncomfortable to the touch. You can cover the bed with a blanket and soft natural fabric, or with a padded cover. Also, think about this when you choose the furniture and couches and can cover them with some decorative blanket that fits with the rest of the decor and to a different aspect. You can put the designer chairs also for an enhanced look.

6. Each element of the decor is important:


Remember that everything must be in perfect harmony. You can also include ornaments that go in line with the rest of the decor. An important fact is that make sure you remember to include flowers, these vibrant and eye-catching flowers will set your room divine for

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